My wife, The Swan

I am looking for a link, but I can’t find it.

This morning, on NPR, they had a guy on with a perspective. He talked about an experience he had years ago watching a woman on a bike doing ballet movements with her arms while she biked through Berkeley. She rode no-hands in this manner and made a 90 degree turn gracefully without ever stopping her ballet. He thought she looked like a beautiful swan. It inspired him to think about the bicycle as a liberation device for women.

The rest of his perspective was about bicycles, however, the best part is this. The lovely woman on the bike was none other than my lovely wife Katie. She heard the perspective this morning and was giddy with excitement. He smile kept me buoyant all day long.

My wife, the swan, is as graceful today as she was the day I met her. I hope when I am a thousand years old, she is still putting up with me and my nanobot shenanigans.
You can listen to the perspective here.

Whatya think?