New House

We are the proud new owners of our new house in Hercules. It cost an arm and a leg but it is ours. I feel good about moving. Really excited. Lots to do. We are moving tomorrow.

Right now, I am all optimism. Let’s see how I feel a year from now!

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Although I can’t be there to help in person, Lindee is on her way to help play with the kids and comfort Katie when Glen takes a three hour “Jets Break” (I’ll be at the game). Than again, Lindee and I are the same, so I will actually be there helping, seriously, just ask her.

Good luck in the move.


can you build your blog so that it’s Mozilla (standard) friendly as opposed to none standards conforming IE crap?

This is actually a CSS generated by blogger. Im surprised that Google/Blogger isnt 100% mozilla compliant. THey are not sucking up to IE as far as I know.

On a seperate note. The worst HTML years were when there were browser incompatibilities between Netscape 4 and IE 4-5.5. It was a huge waste of time. I had to make seperate web pages for every scenerio. And forget about the Mac, that was a disaster.

I believe in an all Flash interface. It is the most cross platform compliant presentation layer out there. Anyone at blogger listening…all FLASH.

Whatya think?