Houses and Families

Moved. Muscles hurt. Everything still in boxes or strewn throughout the house. No internet access. No phones. No Comcast. No DirecTV. No garbage. No mail.

Other than that, I love the new house.

Oh, speaking of DirecTV. They came and decided that the roof was too high. They didn’t want to go up on the ladder. What the hell is that? A satellite installation company that is afraid of heights??

Oh, and my brother, Danny, asked popped the question to his roommate, Lindee. She accepted (grudgingly) and will consent to do his laundry and cook his meals and put up with his dictatorial style until death do they part. Romance is a beautiful thing. He made he a 5 foot ring apparently. I bet its not really diamond. Probably cubic zirconium!

I wonder when they have set the date? Will it be a Vegas wedding, while sky diving in Elvis costumes? Or a wedding on the beach, with a bonfire, Pam Anderson/Tommy Lee style. Will the wedding cake taste good? Who will be invited? Will the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg give the bride away? What does George W. Bush think of the nuptials? Will he be president when they get married? Will Danny be drafted shortly after the wedding and have to go to Iraq?

Here is to New Houses and New Families! May they stand, even through the volcano exploding and the earthquakes of our lives.

Whatya think?