New House, Day 4

So Comcast came over to set up cable TV and Internet Access, but unfortunately, they screwed up the internet access. They can’t even fix it until Sunday. Come on people!

13 days to the election. I sort of feel like a Boston Red Sox fan. You can make your own analogies here. Maybe something about class warfare and Babe Ruth? What is the best analogy you can make between this election and the Yankees/RedSox series?

*Winner gets a new car!*

*You must be over 100 years old and live in Indiana to be eligible for this contest. Entries must be received by Oct 19, 2004. No purchase required.

One reply on “New House, Day 4”

George Bush is like Yankee’s pitcher Kevin Brown. A former all-star pitcher who came to a championship team with promises of further greatness. However, over the last few years, he has sucked. Over and over again, he has failed in to pitch well and help his team. Most recently, after a bad performance, he punched a wall and broke his hand. And than in the playoff, the Yankees kept pitching him. In one game he lasted less than 3 innings. And yet in game 7, with the series on the line, the Yankee fans still had “faith” that Brown would come back strong because he had such a personality to do so; however, he lasted less than two innings and was destroyed by the Red Sox.

John Kerry is like ex-Yankee pitcher Brandon Clausson. Brandon was the best minor league pitcher the Yankees had. No one knew how he would perform in the big leagues, but he was great in the minors. During the season, the Yankees decided to trade him because they had enough starting pitchers that they had “faith” in guys like Kevin Brown. If Brandon was on the Yankees, and game seven rolled around, whom would you start? The unproven, talented Clausson or Kevin Brown, who used to be good, but has pitched terrible lately?

The Yankees choose Brown and are now watching the Red Sox play in the World Series.

Whatya think?