Its all about Florida

A nice electoral college calculator.
Using this, I started with the 2000 election. Then I split Colorado’s vote. Then I changed Pennsylvania from a Democrat win to a Republican win. Ohio went to Bush last time. It doesn’t really matter. Whoever wins Florida wins. It’s all about Florida.

Check the Miami Herald’s article written an hour ago on who is winning there. I wonder why I don’t hear about more trips to the sunshine state. I hear Ohio and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and even New Jersey. But what about Disney World?

Right now, Kerry is in Ohio hunting. He is using a Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag 12-gauge pump action, Woodlands Camo finish shotgun.

Wow, linking to relevant data is time consuming. Anyway, my point is: Kerry better make sure and win Florida. And if you live in Florida (MOM), please tell people that Bush hates Golfers.

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NYtimes.con has a really good calculator too. It also has caluculator for the Senate races and historical stuff. furthermore, the grayraven one doens’t work without a java installation, while the Times one works witohut it.

Ohio is just an important Florida. They all are. If Gore would have won Arkansas and Tennesee (Gore and Clinton’s home states) he would have won the election.

Fight the power.

I am trying my best to make my vote count this time. Already problems with the early voters. Can this place get anything right?

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