Poor Jets

They put up a good fight but lost. So I guess they are not going to go 16-0. BUT, I am getting a vision…Here it comes…They are going to go 15-1. I am 94% sure.

If the Redsox can win the World Series, then maybe the Jets can win the Superbowl?

The boys are getting a tiny bit more into football. I wish I could get DirecTV on the roof. Then I could force them to watch the Jets with me.

In other news, Ethan rode his bike around our new block in Hercules. I am pleased.

One reply on “Poor Jets”

The Jets weren’t ready yet. The 1980 US hockey team had to lose to the soviets right before the olympics. Micheal Jordon had to lose in the playoffs to the celtics before he beat the next year. George Bush has to lose in November of 2000 before he won in December of 2000. The Jets loss was just part of their growth. The Jets now have to beat the Pats when they plan in New York/Jersey, and than in Foxboro in the playoffs.

Whatya think?