NT 4.0

Microsoft is releasing the 4.0 version of their NT operating system today. It incorporates the graphical user interface (GUI) of Windows 95 but is designed for networks.

Microsoft Windows NT Workstation will be available in the next month for about $319. Upgrading from earlier versions of Windows NT Workstation will cost $149. The company’s Windows NT Server 4.0 will cost about $1,129 for a ten-user version. Upgrades will cost $539.

NT is trying to squeeze market share away from Novell Netware while, at the same time position, itself to take on Netscape on the internet and corporate intranets.

If you’re wondering whether to buy this product and replace Windows 95 or 3.1 on your desktop, my advice is to not bother. Unless you are running on a network or are a power user running only native 32-bit apps, then the plug and play of Windows 95 will save you headaches galore in the long run. Give NT some time to grow and maybe incorporate plug and play code before giving it a test drive on your PC.

A lot is going to happen in the next 12 months on the OS front so don’t get all your opinions made up just yet. Some new developments may change the whole landscape before too long.

Whatya think?