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In my previous ‘2 weeks’ post, I neglected to mention Eric Yeh and Steve Lam.  I probably forgot them because I am still emotionally scarred from them making fun of my clothes, hair and gut.

However, I just want to let them know, I liked working with them better than I liked working with Vasu.  Merry Christmas guys!

Quick UX thing.  This effect kicks butt!


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  1. Vasu sends his love. He wanted me to pass it on to you.

    SMOOOOCH! Creepy huh?

    Anyways, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have fun at your new gig, and I wish you many successes. BTW, I validate the elite school theory and the talent theory. Elite schools get you the connections, gets you the respect, and gets you the interview and the initial hire. It’s the talent and the hard work that lets you climb at your job.

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