Patience or Action?

I broke the Tortoise table this morning because I was impatient.  I tried to move it without someone helping me.  I leaned a little hard on the plexiglass and it cracked.  I should have waited until tonight and had help carrying it.  I hope it’s not totally ruined.

One part of my personality is that I want to fix problems right now.  I don’t want to wait.  This is important when you are trying to conquer the world.  You get “on fire” and you make things happen.

Another part of my personality is understanding when something is a siege. I have been leading a team to rewrite the Marketo help articles for over a year. It an enormous project as there are almost a thousand articles.  This is one to have patience with.  You lean on it and lean on it for as long as it takes until it finally is finished.

Things go wrong when you confuse the situations.  When patience is needed and you try to force it or when action is needed and you wait.  When the situations are confused you can miss golden opportunities or push people in the opposite direction from what you wanted.

How does one know the difference?

I wish there was an app for that.  A Good Judgement app.  It would be so useful.  I wonder if people would ignore it anyway? I know sometimes I would.  No one is perfect.

Whatya think?