Paying Attention

Before they can pay money, they have to pay attention.

Make no mistake, it’s a real currency. Every waking moment is accounted for. Whether it is social media or a smartphone game or even staring at the wall, you are paying out your daily allowance of attention. Most companies want to earn your attention dollars. They are a key performance indicator of marketing departments the world over.

Companies shell out billions to get little slices of your attention. Billboards, commercials, ads, product placement. It’s a huge industry. However, measuring attention has been dicey at best. Usually, it is some form of sampling the wider audience and extrapolating the larger trends. Google has innovated here with the idea that a by-product of attention is Googling it. When you care about something, you Google it.

For example: Here is Google’s interpretation of attention paid for Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton for the past 18 months. It seems that Trump has been able to get you to pay attention more than Hillary has. She does seem to be catching up though.

For small businesses, Google Trends doesn’t have enough data to give you a coherent view. The Engagio product with Account Scoring makes more sense for businesses. It translates the activities prospects and customers do into attention minutes. These minutes are rolled up in the account and made visible.

The point is that a trend of attention is crucial. In other words, if the trend of paying attention is going down, the likelihood of them paying you real money is very low.

Here are some tips to get more attention from your audience:

Be Interesting
Go to the websites of your favorite B2B software. Boring, boring, boring. My God, have a point of view! Don’t just do the lowest common denominator of writing. Be funny, be wise, be provocative, just be interesting!

Tell Stories
Read Made to Stick – stories are how people remember. Stop telling them facts and start telling them anecdotes about how real people use your software.

Be Authentic
Don’t try to put on a fake persona. Speak from the heart. People are turned off by fakery and will pay their attention elsewhere

Keep it fresh
Just because you got my attention last week doesn’t mean you will get it next week. It’s a never ending cycle, sorry. You need to keep being interesting forever. Paying attention is a “What have you done for me lately?” game. You have to keep innovating.

Be inspiring
Like in Jerry Maguire when Dorothy said, “I just want to be inspired.” That is the whole world. Describe a world that is truly better than the one we currently have.

Get to the point
Don’t waste my time. Give me fewer words to read and Ill pay attention more easily. Don’t make me pay attention so that I can pay more attention. Just get to the point.


Thanks for paying me some attention.

Whatya think?