Engagio closed $22M Series B

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I am currently Head of Magic (PM/UX) at Engagio. The experience so far has been excellent. The culture is authentic and vibrant. The product vision is very strong and the market dynamics couldn’t be better. Engagio has a strong analytics product already in the market, which is doing very well. Additionally, we have built a new product called PlayMaker and Scout that I believe could revolutionize how companies organize and coordinate their account activities. It is what keeps me awake at night.

Today, we just announced a 22 million dollar investment by Norwest Partners. We plan on using the money mostly to buy a mega yacht. (Kidding!) Actually, we plan on using it to grow and accelerate our vision and product line. That means, we might spend the money on YOU. (Assuming you fit one of the hiring roles)

Check out the open positions at Engagio.

A startup is no place for a status quo corporate cog. You wear many hats and do things very differently. There is a transparency, collaboration and openness that just doesn’t exist in a company with hundreds or thousands of people.

There are many positions open and more in the coming months. We have had tremendous interest, so some people are interviewing for a position that opens up in 2017. Design and PM positions are not until 2017, but I am happy to meet with people in advance.

It is an exciting time. Hopefully the next 5 years will be a wild ride to another IPO and bazillions of dollars. Then I could finally retire and buy that mega yacht! For now, one step at a time. I gotta get back to the product.

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