Phone Lust: Samsung Galaxy Note

My hands are not small.  My pockets are not small.  I want a bigger phone.  I don’t want to hold an iPad up to my head, but I do want a bigger phone.  Here it is:  The Samsung Galaxy Note.

Apparently it will be available in Europe first this weekend.  However, I would like it to be available here in the US, where I live.  (Is that obvious)

It has a mega screen (5.3″) and a ginormous battery (2500 mAh).  Probably a good idea since the screen will suck the life out of the battery.  This thing will make me feel large.  Really large, like a GIANT!  With huge hands and a huge phone!

Yes, this phone has tapped somehow into my emotions.  Isn’t it wonderful when a product can do that?

2 replies on “Phone Lust: Samsung Galaxy Note”

It’s clunky, does not fit in your pocket easily, and worst of all is not elegant in the least.

I’ve been spoiled I guess, but I demand elegance in the device and the user experience. As far as I’ve seen there is still only one phone that accomplishes both.

I’m glad you like it though…

I am a woman and my hands are not huge, but my fingers are long. I got spoiled by my Dell Streak 5 and any screen that is smaller than 5″ will just not do anymore. I have no problems with fitting it into my purse and it’s size makes it easy to find in there.
I am not bothered by what other people think when I hold my giant phone to my ear as I am secure in myself to the point that I don’t care what others think anymore. They have no idea about what they are missing out on.
I am soooooooo looking forward to a higher specced big screen super phone. i just can’t wait for the Samsung Note to come to the US.

Whatya think?