The UX of Halloween in the Office

Halloween increases your positive Karma.  It is a proven fact.  I read that somewhere.  It fills your soul with sunshine and lollypops.  I strongly suggest that you get dressed up each year. Here are some of the types of costumes you get:

The Full Monty
This is when someone spends a ton of time, energy and maybe money on their costume.  It’s not something simple; it is a extravaganza. These costumes are a marvel to look at and you can see the pride in the owners eyes.  Today, someone had  this on.

How awesome is that costume!  He won for best of the day.

The purchased costume
The spirit store is super popular out here in northern California. You can go in and get all kinds of costumes for under $50.  Many of my costumes have been this variety.  Here is mine from this today.

The Matching Twins
Many people get over their fear of dressing like a bunny by pairing up with someone and dressing as a matched set.  This is a choice many people do for camaraderie and other psychological reasons.  One way or the other, you will find many of them around.

The Stretch
Some people come in in costume and you stare at them for a minute thinking, “I don’t get it…what are they supposed to be?”  Usually these costumes come with a bunch of explanation. It’s typically not ideal to have to explain the outfit too many times, however, it is a good conversation starter.

The Last Minute
There are always a bunch of these.  People who tried to swing a costume at the last second and found nothing in the store. (DUH!)  There people do all kinds of crazy things.  One woman pinned a sheet of paper to her shirt that said, “1%”.  Topical humor?  or last minute costume desperation?  You decide.

Sometimes I know what I want to be for Halloween early, sometimes I don’t know until October.  I think have a good idea what I want to be for next year already.  In looking at costumes, I laughed out loud at a bunch of the options.

Happy Halloween!


Whatya think?