Practice vs. Theory

In Theory, there is no difference between Theory and Practice.

In Practice, there is.

So, coming into my new job, I had a list of things I thought I should do first.  Although I completely stand by my list, one always has to be flexible when practice meets theory.  In the first couple of weeks, I think the team has done wonders.  We have a 5 different paths, each getting good design attention and each one is progressing nicely.   However, I have not achieved my list.

Not only did I not achieve my list, I don’t think I am ever going to get there.  In theory, it’s practical; but in practice, it’s not. However, the SPIRIT of the list is important.  If you have a mental image of the things you SHOULD be doing, you will do a better job.  Sometimes, just making the list of the ideal situation will help you move towards a better outcome.

So don’t turn your nose at impracticality.  A small piece of perfect is better than no piece at all.

Whatya think?