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Quicken just launched their new site.  I had nothing to do with it.  Sapient did pretty much all the work.  As an optimist, I wanted them to succeed, but looking at the site, I have trouble getting over some significant issues.  Task completion was definetely not a major part of the thought process.  The amount of text (not Sapient’s fault, I think) is entirely too long.  And the page sizes, my goodness.  The main Quicken product page is 380k.  That is insane!  The CSS is almost 4000 lines long.  How the heck did that happen?  My predictions on the site are coming true, unfortunately.  They are losing sales and customers are unhappy.  I am sure they will change the metrics of success to make this a win, but the site needs to be focused on task completion.  I could fix it.  No one is asking me.  Oh well.  Other fish to fry.

J-E-T-S!!!  Now for a prediction that I REALLY know about…The Jets will upset the hated Patriots.  The Patriots will call "mercy" at half-time with a score of Jets:106 (14 touchdowns and 3 safties), Patriots: 0.  This is a rock solid prediction.  It shall be.  Oh Yes, it shall be.

Believe it!  The Jets still have a chance at the superbowl.  Ok, I am starting to get depressed now.  I can’t keep up this charade.  We need help.  A running back, A defense!  Help!

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