Recruiting Two Product Designers (2019)

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It’s time to hire again! I have two open headcount for product designers. Woo hoo! Senior Product Designer and regular Product Designer.

We aren’t Google with fancy free food. We aren’t Facebook with crazy money for every employee. (Although we do pay quite well) We aren’t Twitter with 330 million users. I need to have a good reason for people to want to work with me. Let’s see what we got…

What is Arm Treasure Data?

We are an enterprise software company. We service a few thousand people in Global 2000 companies. The software is big and has a lot of complicated parts. Simply put, Treasure Data is a SaaS system to collect data within a large organization so that you can manage, clean, and activate it. It’s generally called a CDP (Customer Data Platform). Originally designed for data engineers, the product is transitioning to be focused on marketing users. There are a plethora of major features to be designed.

Why is this a good place for designers?

We are not subordinates to product management or engineering. We are full-fledged partners in the development and ideation process. We have space to conceptualize and design forward-thinking features. Those designs are used for demos to get feedback and directly influence the product roadmap.

We are not the Usability Research Lab. We are the Product Design team. You can always talk with customers, but our job is to design Figma specs to be built. We are the voice of the customer, and sales, and marketing, and product management, and engineering, and QA, etc. We balance all of the voices into a coherent design to be built.

We use Figma as our design platform and pair-design whenever possible. This is not the place for solo sketch consultants who want to be left alone.

Good designer qualities

  • Experienced with web application design (Not just mobile or marketing website design)
  • Curious
  • Engaged
  • Creative
  • Empathetic
  • Team oriented
  • Familiar with engineering realities
  • Ability to learn from mistakes
  • Talented
  • Self starters
  • Kind
  • Energetic

Finding the right job (or the right candidate) is a difficult process. You try and make the best decision you can after just a few hours of interaction with the other party. I don’t mince words or serve “shit sandwiches“. I will mentor you and help you develop your career in exchange for hard (creative/detailed/inspired) work.

This is an individual contributor position working directly with me. If you think you might be a good fit, apply today. Hopefully, it will be the beginning of a terrific working relationship. If you questions, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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