Reinstalling my Workstation

I am spending all day reinstalling my software on my computer at work. This used to be fun, but doesn’t feel fun today. I guess I just have so much to do and so little time. Other than my PC, work is fun. I am enjoying it tremendously. Product Management is alot of fun. Creative, yet constructive.

I have a bunch of JavaScript cookbook recipes I need to publish. The DOM is the best. Rainy today. Gotta get the house cleaned up for staging.

2 replies on “Reinstalling my Workstation”

Hopefully you’ll be able to publish those JavaScript cookbooks. Great idea! Maybe when is back up you can put a chapter on the website and have people download it. You should have a snail mail list to let people know when the site is back up.

– Bridget

Is there any chance that I could pre-order that JavaScript book? My PC has acting up lately, is there any chance that you could take a look? Let me know, I will UPS my PC to you.

– Laura

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