Spring Cleaning

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So much to do. 5 days until the house goes on the market. We need to clean clean clean. Pack and clean, clean and pack. I am excited and nervous. Last time our broker messed up the negotiations and we lost 10-15k. I hope this time our broker doesn’t screw the pooch (to coin a phrase).

We need to start looking for houses in San Mateo county. I am looking forward to a shorter commute. I will be able to get home for an earlier dinner. The kids have been going to sleep so late. Jared gets SOOOoooo cranky when he is up too late.

Darcie is visiting the Bay Area today. We are excited to see her and her lovely child. I wonder if we can trick her into cleaning up the house. Darcie or Ben PETERS, if you are reading this: I meant another Darcie. Darcie Goldstein from New York. Not you. Some other person I am trying to trick into cleaning our house. It’s funny how two different Darcies are visiting us at the same time. Ha ha. Hmmm.

Anyway, if I can’t trick Darcie “Goldstein” into cleaning the house with us, we may have to sell one of the children for money to hire cleaners/packers. And what kind of friend would let us sell a child to pay for cleaning?! I ask you! What kind! If I were visiting me from out of town right before selling the house, I would definitely force Katie to help clean. I am helpful!

Sometimes my blogs feel like Saturday Night Live skits that go on too long. I wonder if this is one of those.

Whatya think?