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For anyone who has ever used a Microsoft product, this will seem familiar.  Why can’t Microsoft respect the “Remember My Credentials” checkbox?  They never remember anything!  Why bother with the box making me think it would work and then just ignore my request.

Rather than complain bitterly, I did some googling to try and find the answer.

First step:  Run the following command: control userpasswords2.  This will popup a control panel.  Click on Advanced and then click “Manage Passwords”.  In Windows 7, this brings up the Credential Manager.  Hmm, I am literally blogging while discovering this new easter egg.

There is a thing called a Windows Vault.  Sounds scary.  I don’t see the site that I am trying to get to remember me.  Let’s try adding it in.


Nice!  Ok, I am stuck..backing out.  That was a “Windows Credential”.  How about a “Generic Credential”.  Ok, that seemed to take without error.  But I am unsure if it actually will work.  This is the worst piece of garbage I have ever seen.  Why can’t the checkbox just work?  Why do I have to go through this non-sense.

Note to self:  When I have a checkbox saying “remember”, it should remember!

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Well it looks like people are still figuring this out because my search for this issue on Google brought up your post as #1 and clearly without Windows 7 formally out there on the market not enough people have experienced this.

Anyway, if the issue is with a website, I did figure it out… go to “Tools->Internet options->Security and set the site as a “Trusted Site”. I also set the trusted site security to the lowest setting but did not test to see if that was a requirement or not. No more request for passwords after that.



Wow- I can’t believe I finally got this to work with Windows 7 Home Premium. No more putting my password in!

In addition to adding the site as a trusted site as Bill has suggested- you also need to lower your trusted site security settings to LOW. I believe that the setting that prevents save credentials from being used is down on the bottom of the list: User Authentication NEEDS to be: Automatically log on with current user name and password.

To get here in Internet Explorer: Tools-> Internet Options -> Security Tab -> Click Trusted site Green Check box. Add sites by clicking on the Sites Button. To change settings click the Custom Level button. This is where you will change the “User Authentication” to be: Automatically log on with current user name and password.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, Greg!! You suggestions worked for me!! I can’t tell you how many web pages I’ve looked at to try and get this fixed. I’m a little disappointed with myself that I didn’t think to try this initially as it obviously makes sense. Oh well, live and learn, I guess! Thanks again for posting this information!

Thank you for the answer, however it still doesn’t remember my passwords – at least not for visual studio 2010. I have to keep re-entering them every time I try to edit a site.

In windows 8 Metro Apps the remember my credential is not working…. whether we check or unchecked the same process is happening …….

I have been dealing with entering in my password for months now. I probably enter it 100 times a day. I had entered my info into the credential manager and set my site in the trust sites on IE and still nothing!! It wasn’t until Greg suggested to set it to Low. It finally works! Thank you soooo much!!!

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