The Google FavIcon


This has been itching me for a month.  On May 30, Google had posted this blog about their original favIcon.  I liked it.  Simple G.  Then they updated in January to the colorful g.  Since then it has been distracting me.  It doesn’t look like Google to me.  It doesn’t remind me of Google.  The colors keep jumping out at me and yelling in my face.  OK< maybe that is an overreaction, but still, it feels unpleasant.

They had numerous other examples below that they tried.  I am not sure how they decided or tested.  Did they get a committee?  The ceo? Or did a designer make the decision?  The thing that strikes me about Google is how small changes have such a large impact.  I see that favicon every day, 20-50 times a day.  Every search, there it is.  It’s a serious thing.  With great power comes great responsibility.  The more people who flow through your system, the more the details matter.


How many people flow through your system?  What level of details matter in your application?  How are those decisions made?

I think Google was hasty with this one.

Whatya think?