Rockstar: Storm Large

I have a guilty pleasure.  It is RockStar SuperNova.  I have to admit, I like it alot.  I didn’t want to like it.  Dave Navaro is retarded and the SuperNova guys (Gilby Clarke, Tommy Lee and Jason Newstead) but damn it, I really am hooked.  I liked Lukas at first, and then I liked Ryan (until they kicked him off) and tonight I officially became a Toby fan. 

But the real messed up thing is this one girl on the show.  She is liked an Amazon warrior.  She is huge with muscles and big boobs (sorry Katie) and long blond hair and a touch of crazy eye.  Her name is Storm Large!  And somehow that name fits her!  But she sang this original song which I thought was really good.  I just checked out her MySpace.  You HAVE to listen to the R version of LadyLike.  WOW!  That kicks ass!

And listen to the lyrics of "I want you to Die."  And beautiful is a good song too.  I don’t know if she is right for SuperNova, but she is awesome.  


One reply on “Rockstar: Storm Large”

Why are you apologizing to me that Storm Large has noticeable breasts. I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault. I think she’s beautiful and she was my favorite from the first night.
Anyway, why aren’t you using the guys’ real names? Dave Navaro is really Vampiress, Gilby Clarke is Farrah, right?

Whatya think?