We just got back from a 10 day adventure to the east coast.  We spent the first 5 days in Lake George with Danny, Dad, Me and all wives/kids.  It was a good time.  We went fishing and caught bass.  We canoed on the lake.  At one point, Abigail and Ethan wanted to canoe together on the lake.  I was hesitant but everyone else thought it was ok.  On the lake (as I watched from shore) I saw another canoe approach them.  It was bapu and Susu!  Then all of the sudden, one of the canoes flipped upside down.  Apparently, Susu and Bapu flipped over while trying to trade paddles with Abigail.  Then Ethan started pleading, "Can I come in the water too?!?  Please??!"

Danny and I played some good tennis at Weston Mega School Complex. Wow, that place is like a college campus.  We saw the Green contingency in rockland for a day.  Andy and Stacey’s baby is very cute.  Matthew, Jared and Ethan all behaved as well as I could hope.  Matthew was SO talkative.  When people passed by, he said, "Hello.  Nice to meet you.  Goodbye."  He was adorable most of the trip.  So happy.  He kept saying, "I LIKE IT!"  I felt such pride in them.

No drama.  No broken bones or broken hearts.  Overall, a good trip.

We have tons of pictures on I know I am forgetting things.  There was this one dream I had which will be on my mind for months.

In totally unrelated news.  jQuery 1.0 is out and I am pumped up about it.
In even more unrelated news, I am listening to this band called The Feelling.  So far, I like it very much.

Whatya think?