Rough Night

Last night Jared spiked a fever of 105 degrees. And more importantly, we woke me up. Come on, can’t this kid have some compassion for my nerves!? (Inside joke for everyone who saw Pride & Prejudice.) Also, Matt can not seem to sleep in the same bed as Katie. I think we need to crib the kid and maybe even Ferberize him too. Literally, if I take him away from her, he will sleep soundly, but if he even smells her, he will toss and turn and kick me in the neck.

What is it with children when they sleep in their parent’s beds? They always seem to turn sideways. Ethan, Jared and Matt all do this. What is the deal with that? (Say it like Seinfeld)

Oh, Carl the blue fish is somehow too “heavy” for swimming. He tries to swim up, up, up, but as soon as he stops, he sinks like a stone. Don’t fish float? I think he is going to die. He literally lies on the stones at the bottom all die hyper-ventilating.

Anyway, I feel like crap today. Nothing a good nap won’t fix.

Whatya think?