At work, We started using Sharepoint. I like it alot. Some things are not as elegant as in Hotkoko, specifically the navigation and the ability to know where you are. Also, the permissions are not clear. Otherwise it has some kickass features.

I love the integration with MS Office. Checking in files is a breeze. WebDAV support. Alerts. It really is a nice product. And FREE. They do not charge for this. In fact, I think they are extending it to be a part of the Visual Studio 2005 team platform. I am pretty impressed with the Beta I used. I wonder if a company that does J2EE can use Visual Studio as their development/repository platform.

New subject: Daniel’s visit was alot of fun, but I wish he could’ve stayed longer. I haven’t played tennis or pool in years. I miss my woobie. (Don’t ask)

At one point Ethan grabbed Jared and Jared spun around and popped Ethan in the head. Daniel screamed HEY HEY HEY!!! Kind of funny. They do that all the time. I think Daniel will make a good dad, but I am interested to read his blogging as little Molly goes through the terrible twos.

“The Shield” update: Still a great show. I thought Vic was gonna kill Shane. Shane and his partner are like comic relief at this point. Still it’s a great show. Bring back Devon!!

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My DVR must have skipped out because I’ve missed a month of the shield and now I feel like i need to wait till an all day shield-a-thon so that i can watch it in order. darn darn darn

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