Sheep and Balls

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Why do people think Microsoft is the Devil?

It’s just a company. They make software. It’s Redmond, Washington, not Redmond, Hell, Level 9.

Open Letter to all closed-minded sheep. You know who you are:

Try to be a little more objective when it comes to companies like Netscape and Microsoft. Netscape didn’t save the earth from nuclear disaster and Microsoft didn’t contribute to 55 million people dying in World War II. Objectivity is important.

Ask yourself this. Am I a sheep? Do I blindly follow what everyone else I know says? Am I a mindless drone who must never rock the boat? Do I have balls? Can I stand up for what I believe in despite the fact that everyone else says I’m wrong?

If the answer is: Baaaaaahhhhh! You have permission to flame me mercilessly. Flame here. If you think you have balls (figuratively, of course) and want to know how to stand up for your own opinion, here is how:

Don’t make judgements until you see all the options. Don’t let friends tell you what to think. Go into each decision with an open mind and a fair attitude. And that should do it.

Microsoft has some good products and some products that suck dick. (i.e. MS Paint) If you have a Windows 95 machine, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try Oracle‘s PowerBrowser 1.5 and see if you like it. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try the new beta of Internet Explorer due today. Use them for a few hours. See if they suck. Why do they suck? Post to the newsgroups and mailing lists why you think so. Maybe, just maybe, they will read your notes and make new versions.

Microsoft has been getting raves, from Steve Jobs of all people, about how nice they are being to developers and that they’re listening to people’s complaints about their products. Netscape has been really slow with the new betas. This last beta from Netscape was lame. It fixed some java bugs. Nothing new, nothing cutting edge. I think they are losing a step here.

I don’t care if it’s Microsoft’s or Oracle’s or Netscape’s tools that I want to use, I want the best. And if it’s from a company that people say houses the brain of Adolf Hitler, Screw em! I ain’t no sheep.

This has been an editorialization because there was nothing interesting in the news today.

Whatya think?