Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

My hand is killing me. I think I am getting carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s in my left hand, all the way on the side near the pinky. Here are some things I heard that can help relieve sore hands from repetitive stress.

  • Squeeze a racquetball or tennis ball to build up the strength in your muscles and forearm so you look like Popeye.
  • Learn to juggle, it will flex out all your muscles and tendons and amuse friends.
  • Get a “wave” keyboard and ergonomic mouse and wrist pad. All will help a little.
  • Type softer.
        Most people have this problem, including myself. We type so damn hard. It really puts a lot of stress on our hands. It also makes a lot of noise, especially bad if you’re on a business call. And don’t worry about speed. Most people notice an increase in typing speed and fewer mistakes when typing softer.
  • Sit in a good chair.
        Elbow rests are very important to alleviate the pressure on your forearms. Also, a chair that makes you sit up straight will help your hands into the correct position on the keyboard.
  • If it gets really bad, see a doctor.

There is nothing so tragic as permanently damaging your hands by repetitive stress disorder or carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have any other suggestions please submit them and I will add them to this list.

Whatya think?