Technology Crash

America Online (AOL), is down. AOL crashed at 4 a.m. EST while it was installing new software that had to do with its network routing system, a problem area for other ISPs. As of 11:07 p.m., it was still down.

If you think this IS a major problem, read below:
It’s not a major problem. All things man-made have a certain unpredictability to them. The sun will come up in the morning but your car may not start. It has to do with perceived perfection. People think computers don’t make mistakes, but that isn’t the issue. Computers don’t make mistakes when their parts work and their instructions lead it to the correct action. Computer parts get old, they break, they fry. Software is man-made and has the same imperfections as the programmer making the system.

God didn’t invent the industrial revolution, so do not expect technology to be perfect. The system at AOL in particular has been up a very long time and new software is being implemented. Give it a break and try to relax. You’re too uptight.

If you think the AOL crash is not a big deal:
Are you serious?? This crash will seriously damage the credibility of a fledgling industry. Computers and the internet need every good piece of press possible. Any blemish on the perceived perfection of the internet will drop stock prices through the floor (Watch for August 8th tech stocks to tumble) and PC sales will flounder. When things like AOL, which is supposed to be for the layman, crash, it says something very disconcerting for the basic underlying technology of the internet. Fewer people will sign on and fewer businesses will take it seriously.

This is a major issue, not just for AOL, but for the internet community as a whole to band together to soothe the masses. We can not let the internet get a bad name, because some routing software doesn’t work. Long live the net, even if it’s crashed.

Whatya think?