Silver Linings

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Cloud: We are basically under house arrest.
Silver Lining: If Corona hit three months ago, we would have no showers, and only one toilet for 5 adults. We would have lost out minds.

Cloud: Our savings have lost a third of their value. Retirement seems like it will never happen.
Silver Lining: We paid for the bathroom and the Tesla before the DOW plummeted. So that money was well timed.

Cloud: Working from home is difficult.
Silver Lining: We have fast internet access, multiple computers, enough desks, and a mesh WiFi network. Imagine if this was 1996. We would be just sitting at home waiting for an email. Imagine I was in my 1996 one room studio apartment in manhattan. I would go nuts.

Cloud: There are 5 grown adults in the house and tensions are high.
Silver Lining: We started playing Dungeons and Dragons as a family. I was laughing so hard last night, i thought I might pass out. I had to go into another room.

Cloud: We have a global pandemic and people are dying.
Silver Lining: Maybe this will make people who don’t take vaccines or don’t believe in science a little more reasonable? Yeah, this one isn’t happening. Maybe the silver lining is that Trump will be voted out of office because the economy is broken.

Our world and society is weird. Alot of things make little or no sense. It makes me wonder about the big questions like “Why are we here?” and “What’s the point of all this?” There are so many clouds. However, I don’t want to be miserable. So I look for the Silver Linings. I hope you do too.


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