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Well, it seems like I have to work from home for at least a few weeks. Plus, all colleges are sending students home to work from there. So the house will be full of disgruntled people itching to get out.

Unintended Consequences

Whenever something weird happens, there will always be winners and losers. For example, I am sure Zoom and Gotomeeting are going to make some big sales, but also their networks are going to be slammed like never before. I would not want to be a Zoom network admin for the next month.

Additionally, I imagine that electrical grids & internet access providers are going to be overloaded. Imagine people at home, trying to work AND we have a blackout or the WiFi stops working.

I am not at all set up for working at home. There is no good place to sit. I am on the couch at the moment with the dog on my lap. My hands hurt from typing in an awkward position. I need a desk somewhere with a mouse and keyboard and monitor.

Pro-Tip: Anything you buy for your home office right now is tax deductible!

Traffic and public transportation will be minimized, which means pollution should diminish slightly. However, video conferencing will skyrocket which should increase pollution from server farms.

Staying connected

There are people who are used to working from home; I am clearly not one of them. I am trying to figure out ways to stay connected to the team when we are all far away. Maybe meet up for lunches somewhere? I am not sure, but I better get good at this quickly.

This is kind of depressing and worrisome. The DOW is in freefall. My savings are decimated and will likely be low for years. How will this affect the election? I don’t know.


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