SunSplash Trip

This weekend was non-stop.  We went to Sacramento on Saturday morning and visited the Train Museum.  It was interesting, but didn’t really hold the kids attention for too long.  It was 3900 degrees that day.  3500 in the shade, which was nice, except there was no shade.

Then we went to Melynda’s house for her husband Dan’s 50th birthday party.  There were Polynesian Hula Dancers as entertainment.  It was fun for the first few dances, but then Matthew started screaming and I had to take him away.

Then Saturday night, we slept at the Larkspur Hotel, which was very nice.  It is across the street from a water park called Sun Splash.  It was going strong at 10:30 at night, with tons of kids sliding in the dark. Crazy.

Sunday morning, we ate breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe and then went to the park.  It was the same temperature as the day before.  My shoes were melting into the pavement.  We slathered on sun block, SPF 50.  Ethan liked it alot.  Jared was a little scared.  We went to the top of one of the rides, and Jared just couldn’t do it.  He cried, so we went back down to the bottom.  He enjoyed the wave pool and the kids area.  It was MUCH better being in the water in that heat.  However, I STILL got sun burned a little.

After that, we drove back Sunday afternoon.  We stopped by Penny & Jim’s for dinner.  Apparently, so did the rest of Berkeley.  Penny had 9 other people invited as well.  The temperature cooled down and we had a very pleasant outdoor dinner with lots of friends.  Finally, we drove back home and tried to go to sleep.  It was literally 89 degrees in the house and, despite cooler temps outside, we wouldn’t cool it down in the house.

Overall, a tiring and busy trip.  Hopefully, the temperature will cool down somewhat in the future.

Whatya think?