Superbowl XLIII (43)

Wow, what a great game!  That one play where the Arizona Cardinals were about to score and Kurt Warner threw an interception blew my mind.  That swung the whole game by 14 points.  Arizona would have one if not for that one play.  The Cardinals outplayed the Pittsburgh Steelers the whole game.  This just goes to show that the devil is in the details.

You could have a great design for your app, a ripe market to sell to, great everything except for one crucial flaw and it will ruin the company.  This might be a lawsuit that ruins your company.  Or a bad apple that ruins the bunch.  Or a poor partner decisions.   I am not saying you have to be perfect to succeed.  Far from it.  Many comapnies succeed with crappy interfaces or sales departments or support or a combination. (AOL anyone?)  But they don’t make the critical mistakes and usually do ‘something’ very right.

Life is like the Superbowl (stretch).  I am not sure how, but it has something to do with winning and losing and throwing an interception when you are about to take the lead.  Or maybe Life is more like the Superbowl commercials.  Sometimes it’s boring, sometimes it’s funny.  But it’s damn expensive.

Whatya think?