My Family is Sick

All three kids are coughing with a fever.  What’s up with that?  It’s like a germ factory in here!  Next, Katie will get sick.  For some reason, it rarely affects me.  When I was a kid, I had to fake being sick the night before and then follow through in the morning.  That way my dad would let me stay home.  I was a great actor.  These contortions were required because I almost never got a fever.  It’s that hearty immune system from my grandfather that keeps me healthy.

Maybe I could make some analogy to an application.  Like if your consumer base is unhappy, then infect each other through twitter and blogs and word of mouth.  What is the application immune system?  I believe it’s support.  See my three paths post.  This is like an immune system fighting unhappy customer germs.  This is kind of a fun game.  Start a post about some random thing and see if I can tie it back to UX.

Hmm, it might be more fun for me, than for you.

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