I took the boys yesterday to see a matinee of Superman Returns. The movie was mediocre, with medium acting. They put Parker Posey as Lex Luthor’s (Kevin Spacey) girlfriend. The other Superman movies made sure to have a buxom blonde in that role. Then then had a cute girl to be Lois Lane. I would have preferred Parker Posey as Lois Lane.

Isn’t is funny how in Superman, everyone’s name is an alliteration. Klark Kent, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, Parker Posey.

Anyway, the worst thing about the movie was the blatant Jesus metaphor. Basically, they tried to tie in Jesus at every spot. They called Superman a God. They portrayed Marlon Brando as Jesus’ father. He sent Superman to Earth, his only son, to show them the way to be good. Superman dies by being stabbed in the ribs with a kryptonite spear. Before he dies, he gets rid of a huge hairball of crap from the ocean and then falls to earth for 15 seconds in the crucifixion pose. Then he comes back to life 3 days later. Plus he has a secret Superson with Lois.

The whole thing was retarded. Boo.

This is the fourth of July weekend. We are trying to clean up and throw things away. It has been difficult. So much to get rid of. So little room in the trash. I tried to sell Missile Command, but the guy who wanted it flaked out. I hate selling stuff online.

Whatya think?