Design Principle #12Always create space between you and the competition Glen Lipka, 2019 Whether you are building a tech product or writing a resume or giving a presentation at a conference, it is important that people remember you. The only time you don’t want to differentiate yourself is when you are trying to blend in,…Continue readingDifferentiation

Figma Features 2019

Side note: Christmas and New Years holidays this year are on Tuesday and Wednesday. So who is coming in those Mondays? Anyone? And who is bothering to come in on the Thursdays and Fridays? It seems like there will be two weeks with no one working. Am I wrong?Continue readingFigma Features 2019

Clean and Modern

Internally, I have a bullshitometer. It’s a technical device that detects bullshit. It looks like this: One of the things that pushes this finely tuned device to the extreme right are when designers say the words “Clean and Modern”. This is just a stupid Jedi mind trick. It’s a way of a designer saying “It’s…Continue readingClean and Modern

Inspiring Design: Google Doc

A designer asked me the other day what application design I thought was great and I happened to be working on a Google Doc. I thought it was a terrific design in many ways. Just as an aside, Google Slides is one of my LEAST favorite Google applications. It’s awful and everytime I use it,…Continue readingInspiring Design: Google Doc

The Default Design

I give a design exercise to candidates to bring in for their onsite interview. The point of a design exercise is shed light on the following: Are they masters of their tool? Are they productive? Are they creative? Are they logical? Are they detail-oriented? One thing I advise candidates to avoid is the “Default Design”.…Continue readingThe Default Design

Passion for Your Craft

My mother-in-law, Penny, is a retired nurse. After retiring, she took up weaving. For those of you who don’t know, weaving takes up alot of space. There are baskets of wool everywhere. The loom itself is enormous. Penny’s loom is roughly as big as this one. She used to have a dining room, now she…Continue readingPassion for Your Craft

Designer Review Cheat Sheet

When I review a new applicant, I look at their information and decide whether to set up a zoom video conferencing call or not. The truth is that I WANT you to succeed. I want you to have multiple lucrative offers. So to help you, here is a cheat sheet to get past my review.…Continue readingDesigner Review Cheat Sheet

Tips for Designers 2019

Some of these tips are going to seem obvious. Like “Duuuuhhh” obvious. However, I can tell you that I am getting candidates who fail on every single one of these. Master Your Tools The job is to be in a design tool and make stuff (and go to a bunch of meetings). Meetings and design,…Continue readingTips for Designers 2019

Project Roles and Responsibilities

The Roadtrip Metaphor I love metaphors and this one is one of my favorites. Imagine a project as a roadtrip with some friends. Sometimes you will be driving, sometimes you will be in the passenger seat, sometimes in the back seat. There are people, like your parents, who just want to know where you are,…Continue readingProject Roles and Responsibilities

The Design Case Study Paradox

Every designer has a section of their portfolio where they show their work. The typical method of documenting their work is called a case study. case stud·y/ˈkā(s) ˌstədē/a process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time. Here…Continue readingThe Design Case Study Paradox