Technical Updates

So both of my servers are down. I pulled our workstations off the domain and switched to workgroup mode. So far, I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms. I was going to set up a Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 box, but ran into a problem. To make it work, I would need a better video card with S-Video output and a tuner card with S-Video input. I need shop this around, but CompUSA had what I wanted for about $400 total. Someone (I won’t mention who) said I am not allowed to spend that much money.

So now I need to research cheaper methods to make it work. I also need to give Katie details to sell the servers on CraigsList or eBay.
Dell SC420 – Pentium 4, 2.8 ghtz HT, 1 G of ram, Dual ATA 120 gb HD. I’m guessing $250 each? Any takers?

PowWeb is working out well. Not the cheapest service, but cheap. Good technical support chat thing. The UI for their control panel sucks, but I have seen worse. The new Beta version of the control panel is not much better. It’s slower and doesn’t add alot of UX improvements. Note to the world: Upgrade doesn’t mean “new colorful icons”.

I am not longer using the mail or DNS servers from Network Solutions. I am still forwarding my mail to Gmail. So far, so good. They just added a “delete” button, which is a pretty funny UI story. I just hope using Gmail for mail storage doesn’t blow up in my face one day.

Otherwise, all is well.

Whatya think?