The Mayor of New Orleans is Insane.

MSNBC Article describing Mayor Ray Nagin’s recent speeches. He says God sent the hurricanes because God doesn’t like America and is mad at black people.

So I imagine God is watching TV. God has a kickass system, large plasma display with surround sound. Probably SONY. God also has a sweet remote that controls the TV and the sound system as well as DVD and DirecTV. God has the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Ok, so God is watching TV and says, “You know what? Those damn Americans are so smug with their McDonalds and stuff. They need a good ass whoopin!” Then he presses the “Hurricane” button on his remote control and points it at New Orleans.

Come on, are we that retarded? God isn’t to blame for the levies breaking. It’s like blaming God when you are sick after eating bad fish. Mayor Nagin is clearly insane. The mayor of New Orleans has lost his mind.

Whatya think?