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Using Script tags in WordPress is a pain in the ass.  They have a visual tab and a code tab, but the code tab does some strange parsing.  I want a REALLY code tab where I can type it in exactly as a want it.  I now have to look around for different WYSIWYG Editors for WordPress 2.1.  Oh well.

I miss jQuery alot.  It made my job so much richer.  I am struggling with YUI and YUI-ext.  They are much heavier (both in concept and in file size) and I am having trouble getting past the “hello world” stage.  The dialog between the guys who are developing this stuff is awesome.  People like Dean Edwards, Jack Slocum and John Resig.  I am happy just to be a  fly on the wall.  They have speed tests and lots of comparisons. Jack Slocum made a really nice theme called Aero for his stuff and now I see copies of the style all over.  (To be fair, it’s really the Vista theme from Microsoft, but still, it’s awesome for the web.)

Ben Nadel (finally) made his first jQuery experiment. Rey Bango said some really nice things about Ben.  Ben is awesome.  I can’t believe how far he has grown.  I wish I had more chance to work with him.  Ben is the smartest, most thoughtful engineer I know.  I hope he makes some cool jQuery stuff.

In an off topic note: Congrats to the Indianapolis Colts.  Great season! Next year, however, will be the year of the Jets.  Hopefully, they will have a killer draft in April.

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