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I tried out Xinha 4 WordPress, but it didn’t quite work the way I wanted.  I am unhappy with all of these editors. 🙁

Now I am trying Code Markup.  It supposedely makes it so I can put in code snippets easier.

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Hmm, this is the first time I am leaving a comment. No WYSIWYG. That stinks.

Thanks Mike for inquiring. It might not be Xinha’s fault. I might just be flailing and lashing out. Here is the best case scenario for me:

A button in the tool bar called “RAW” (Or something akin) which I can put around an area of text and know that it will put that part of the post in EXACTLY as written with no parsing whatsoever. Which means that any script tag will render just fine inside of that. Basically a “hands-off” tag. So I would put my actual code snippets there.

Then I would want a CODE button which I can put around a set of text in which it would render it with line numbers or some nice styling so that one could cut and paste the source.

The whole idea is to allow someone to write some sample code in a post and show the code in a pleasant way.

I am too demanding? I pray not. Thanks again for the response!

Well, you can get half of it. There is a button that looks like a piece of paper with two angle brackets on it – that’ll switch you to RAW mode. Beware though – running the HTML Tidy (the broom button) can have some odd results on certain HTML code (it’s trying to make it W3C compliant)

But not everyone tidies before posting so if you don’t the code will stay put. I use RAW Mode often.

As for the Code button – that’s an excellent idea. There are a couple options to at least get ‘code’ tags around it. There is the ‘QuickTag’ plugin you can enable. Then highlight a section and click the button that looks like and you can wrap it in code tags. That’s not quite what you are looking for, however there are many WordPress plugins that will show code, often with syntax highlighting. I forget the names but check the WordPress plugin codex – there are many code display plugins.

Hope this helps!


FYI – Xinha allows you to add WYSIWYG for comment posting 🙂 Not many people use it, but it’s there. You just strip it down and only include a few style buttons. I used to use it on my site comment form but turned it off. Probably will enable it again.

Whatya think?