Ode to Alice

Alice (Katie’s grandmother) died this week. She was a feisty old woman. She would would have turned 100 this year. I remember so vividly he telling Ben at Christmas, "I’m a wrapper!!" and crossing her fingers in a gang sign. She told great stories like when the first car arrived in town. She spoke alot about Homer, her husband. He would always remind her to "Straighten Up"! (She had a bad stoop).

Alice was friendly to me and I liked her very much. I will miss her during the holidays. My only wish is that somewhere, somehow, she has been reunited with her husband Homer and is having a ball.

Randomly, Anna Nicole Smith also died. Overdose of anti-depressants. She never got money from her 87 year old millionaire husband. I hope this is a lesson to all you trophy wives. You gotta get the money in your own name before the lawyers show up. I pray that Anna Nicole also meets her old husband somewhere. Hmm…It doesn’t quite have the same emotional impact as the wish for Alice. Although Alice never pole-danced as a stripper, she could have if she wanted to. And she would have put Anna Nicole to shame. Have I crossed the line to disrespecting the dead? Im sorry.

Whatya think?