Thanksgiving Gala

Thanksgiving was a gala event at the Lipka house.  Scott, Rachel, Jim and Penny were over.  We had turkey and stuffing and lots of yummies.  I am so stuffed.  I must have eaten 40 lbs worth of food.  Katie asked us all to make Haiku’s before dinner.  You can read them on her blog.

Yesterday, I played tennis with Ethan and Jared.  They played the best tennis I have seen them play yet.  I had the longest rallies with each kid ever.  Ethan finally got the concept of racket face down and swinging low to high.  He has a two-handed backhand and a two handed forehand, like Monica Selis.  He needs to learn to grunt like her.  He expressed some desire to go one handed because that is what Jared does, but I think he should stick with the two hands.  He is making great progress.  We need Uncle Bruce to give them a lesson.

I made a pomegranate this morning.  We used to call it a Chinese apple.  My mom taught me how to peel one.  Put it in hot water and the whole thing falls apart.  Gently remove the seeds, and the skin rises to the top, while the seeds sink to the bottom.  Skim the skin.  Drain and voilà!  Yummy!

This has been a good Thanksgiving.

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