The Devil and Mr. Republican

Finally the cracks in the Republican dam are showing. Delay is being indicted. Additionally, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby are on the hot seat and may be indicted as well. This just goes to show, Republicans are evil.

I heard George Clooney on NPR. He is very well spoken and a progressive. God Bless him! He should run for office. He was born in Lexington, Kentucky! That’s close to where grandma Alice lives and where Grandpa Jim grew up. He could run for Governor of California! Or President!

On the show, George wondered why Liberals are not creaming the conservatives on the moral issues. Liberals said women should vote. They said, African Americans should be treated like any other citizen and have the same rights. Liberals made southern conservative monsters stop lynching people. Liberals stopped child slave labor. Liberals fought slavery. Where has a liberal been wrong on these moral issues? In every case, conservatives have fought AGAINST these movements.

Conservatives liked lynching people. Conservatives didn’t want women to vote. Conservatives thought Jim Crow laws were terrific. Conservatives loved slavery.

Can’t we see that conservatives are evil? Why is the devil so much better at public relations that those striving for equality and fairness? Damn thee devil!

I’ve told Katie, “The children can do anything they want with their lives and I will love them unconditionally. But if they vote conservative, I will have to disown them.”

Whatya think?