Vista troubles

Using the latest build. All of the sudden, blam! BSOD! The machine reboots and gives it again. I can’t log in at all. Safe mode works, so I tried different video drivers, no love. I tried this and that and still no love. It is starting to wear on my patience.

Next, I am going to try a different video card and see if that is the problem. nVidia is really moving slowly with their drivers. ATI seems to be much more “on the ball”.

Anyway, I will continue to deal with it. At some point, Beta 3 maybe, I am going to switch to the 64-bit version.

It seems that Microsoft’s Avalon UI is going to spur some incredibly powerful video cards. The amount of ram on video cards is going to explode. 1gig video cards are right around the corner. I bet before the decade is out, we have 6 gig video cards.

Whatya think?