One thing

You can never pick two of them. You can only have one. The most important thing in the world. It can not be three things. The most important thing. Not the top ten. In the end, there can only be one.

The most important thing in the world is … “A Positive Attitude”.

A positive attitude can move mountains. It can conquer nations or create civilization. It can destroy as well as build. It is the stuff that dreams use to turn into reality. A positive attitude will make bad times seem tolerable. A positive attitude will make good times last.

A positive attitude will give you a chance. A negative attitude will lead to depression and despair. Hope is the salvation for those without a positive attitude. But Hope won’t get you a job or fix your problems.

Of course, a positive attitude has often been crushed by “The Man”. It is important not to let The Man win. Keep that positive attitude. Make your life worth living.

Ok, enough Bullshit. Back to work.

3 replies on “One thing”

I admire your positive attitude, Glen. And I don’t disagree with you that a positive attitude is a valuable asset in going through life. But I think you overestimate the value of a positive attitude. There’s more than just “The Man” to consider.

You wouldn’t tell your child that a positive atitude would cure his/her diabetes, for example. A positive attitude might make living with diabetes easier, but it won’t make a body produce insulin.

Likewise, please don’t assume that mental illnesses such as depression can be avoided by one’s attitude. It’s insulting to the people who have struggled with their illness for years or even decades.

Whatya think?