Vista Glass

I spent the last two days trying to get my video drivers working for Windows Vista. I have a nVidia Quadro FX 540. I found 6 different versions of drivers. Only one worked. It was the one that came with the “additional drivers” on the windows install ISO ( LDDM = Longhorn Display Driver Model). Every other driver including the ones from nVidia did not work. The nVidia ones said they were Vista drivers, but they did not work properly. (To be fair, they were “Alpha” versions) I expect new nVidia drivers in a couple of weeks.

Additionally, the get the Aero Glass stuff working you need to put in a registry Hack.
1. Regedit to: HKLMSoftwareMicrosoft2. New Key called DWM
3. Add DWORD to DWM – EnableMachineCheck
4. Set value to 0
5. Reboot.

See helpful article here. And some explanations of terminology here.

Analysis: It’s eye candy. Microsoft loves transparency effect. They have been playing with the Alpha channel since version 3.0 of Internet Explorer. It is nice, but I don’t think it makes windows easier to use. I worry that it may give people headaches. I would rather have seen less transparency and more 3 dimensionality. Example: Have windows act more like paper, when they move like real physical objects.

Anyway, the OS is working mostly. I will update more later.

Whatya think?