The Long Tail

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We are in the long tail at work.  The product is getting close to releasable.  The little details start kicking in and take an enormous amount of time and attention.  I think the product will be well received, but like most products, the devil is in the details.   The heat at work has definitely been turned up in the last few weeks.  I imagine that it will continue through December.  The sharpened focus is hard to maintain.  I find myself taking attention away from home, jQuery, new software, the Jets, the book and the news so that I can stay focused on work.  This is ok for short periods of time, but I don’t want to do this forever.

As I say, “Work is a marathon, not a sprint.” I truly believe this.  I don’t want to burn out.  My creative juices need repelenishment periodically.

Actually, I was talking with Katie about how my mind works.  I think I am very good at short bursts of creativity, but am not good at following through and finishing up a long process.  Like the book, for example, I can come up with great bursts of good stuff, but I find it hard to keep honing and honing the message until it is razor sharp.  I am best when paired with people who have great attention to detail and follow-through.  Maybe my view of work as a marathon is my attempt to mitigate this weakness?

I find it important to be introspective.  Wisdom is not to be found on the street by accident.  It must be sought.

How the heck did I get here?  I was talking about the product launching.  You see?  I am totally unfocused.


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