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First of all, I love these two photos.  The look on their faces is priceless. Here is the family on HalloweenPicasa has been doing well for us in the last year.  The only drawback has been the lack of “collections”.  Collections have recently been added to Flickr.  The lack of this feature was the reason I went to Picasa.  Now they have it and Picasa doesn’t!  Ugh!  For those who don’t know, collections are a way of grouping “albums”.  When you look at our pictures front page, you get WAY too many albums.  If I had collections< i could group them by year.  That would be bliss.  Please Picasa!  Add them now!

Digital photos are so easy.  I really enjoy having our whole collection available.  I am always surprised when people have digital cameras and don’t post online.  Hardly anyone in my family has their pictures online.  It’s bizarre.

My top feature requests for Picasa:

  1. Collections. See above.
  2. Google Analytics to see who is viewing the photos.
  3. General Guestbook and viewer comments (moderated of course, like WordPress)
  4. Download ALL albums.  I want to do this at work.

I might be able to think of more, but this is a good start.


Whatya think?