The Makers Faire

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The boys and I attended the Markers Faire last weekend.  We first went in the morning and then had to leave for little league practice.  Then we biked back without Matthew to spend time before Katie had to go to the Opera.  Both times, we forgot the camera.  Ugh!  How lame are we.  Here are some pictures from other people.

The boys loved it.  There were tons of things for them to get excited about.  Giant Statues on FirePeople riding giant cupcakesSolar powered vehicles.  This statue was just awesome to be nearMan-eating robots. A giant-sized Mousetrap game.  A bus powered by the riders legs.  And much more…

I wish I brought the camera.  Anyway, we had a great time and wished we could have spent more.

One guy asked if I was a “maker”, and I said “Yes, I design UX for web applications”.  He said, “No, that doesn’t count.  It’s an abstraction.  You have to have something tangible and solid, not just code.”

I thought the guy was being mean, but he did have this cool robot kid on a tricycle.

When I was younger, I made more things like paintings and giant bubbles.  Now, I just made three boys.  (Katie did the hard work).  Despite the guy saying it doesn’t count, I think making great software counts.  It’s creative and people interact with it.  Someone made this wordpress software I am typing into.  I feel more of a connection to it than I do the keyboard that someone made that is “real”.

The Makers Faire was a wonderful celebration of creativity and ingenuity.  I recommend it to anyone who can attend next year.


  1. I was thrilled to get to hang out and talk shop with the folks at the lampwork booth. I can’t wait to get my hands on some glass and a torch again. There really is something different about making a tangible thing instead of software.

    The only thing I did not like about Maker Faire was that it started getting a little uncomfortably crowded as Sunday afternoon wore on. We wanted to see the battlebots in action but the place was so packed we couldn’t even get into the building.

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