The Mystery of the Belly-Button

If you have an Innie belly button:
Insert your finger deep into your belly button. Move it around slightly.
Now smell your finger.

I believe that all human beings cringe at this exercise. (All who have ‘innies’ anyway)

Many people are fascinated and afraid of their belly-buttons. It is not an erogenous zone, but it holds almost the same shameful obsession. People do not like you sticking YOUR finger in THEIR belly-buttons. Besides being a little ticklish, it feels like ‘penatration’ and evokes uncomfortable feelings. I often wonder where the bottom of my belly-button is. Does it go all the way to my stomach? Is that where God lives?

It once was our sole source of nurishment. Do we remember this dependancy? Do we resent the belly-button for once having dominance? What lies deep in our minds…and our bodies?

One reply on “The Mystery of the Belly-Button”

Have you ever wondered if your bellybutton was freakishly deep? I think mine is? I can stick my finger down to the second knuckle into the button-hole without a problem. I think it’s funny but aparently it’s weird….

Whatya think?