Year of the JavaScript

2006 can be terms the year JavaScript was reborn. So many great things are happening with JavaScript and the field of interaction design. There are many libraries now that can achieve goals that previously were incredibly time consuming.

Here some of my current favories. (Nice small tool for programming interactivity into your pages easier)
– jQuery supports CSS 1-3 and basic XPath.
– jQuery is about 10kb in size.
– jQuery works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. (Very well written, and small, library for adding motion tweens to any positioned object in the DOM. We are using it not in a couple of places for Account Management) (Useful tool when AJAX is overkill, but you want to centralize some content. It basically allows you to pull in a static HTML snippet and append it to any node on your page. Has a much smaller footprint than the AJAX equivalent. (Accordion widget that works great in every browser) (Javascript framwork) (Another framework)

Good times for an interaction designer.

Whatya think?