The SuperDiv – Getting Closer

Liquid Canvas is the closest thing I have seen yet to my dream of a SuperDiv.

The SuperDiv is a DIV that I can apply styles like:

  1. Rounded Corners
  2. Shadows/Glows
  3. Fades
  4. Transparencies

Of course, there are details on each on of those.

The Liquid Canvas demo is really good.  I am going to download it and try to make it work here.  Super cool!  This is exactly what Canvas should be used for.

One reply on “The SuperDiv – Getting Closer”

I have high hopes for this plugin too, especiallly since it’s only at v0.1.  After playing around with it yesterday I observed a few glitches during resizing so I don’t consider it production ready, but I will definitely be following the development.

Whatya think?